Easter Fun for Kids at Home!

January 28, 2023 by admin

Easter is a Christian festival that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although the date of Easter varies every year, but it is celebrated worldwide on the first Sunday after the full moon that follows the Spring Equinox to put it precisely. Easter is generally celebrated in March or April. Easter occurs between 22nd March and 25th April. It is on Easter Sunday that Christians worldwide celebrate the resurrection of Christ. This day is about celebrating the renaissance of their Lord. It is believed by the Christians that Jesus was resurrected three days after he was crucified. A series of events marks Easter like,

  • 40 Day Period Of Lent
  • Holy Week
  • Easter Sunday

Easter brings forth joy and happiness since it is the foundation stone of Christianity. It is about having fun and celebrating the period in all pomp and glory to put it precisely.

Easter is celebrated in different ways by different people. There are many Christians who spend Easter in thoughts, prayers in the church and in celebration of their Lord. They get together with their friends and family for a grand Easter meal to put it precisely. Easter is spent in prayer services, music, ringing of church bells, flowers and exchanging Easter gifts.  Easter is a period of endless joy for the kids and there are different ways in which you can add to the delightful times of Easter with fun activities for kids at home. Eager to know about it more?

Organize different Easter activities for the kids at home and keep prizes for the winners. It works as an interesting way to give gifts to the little ones on Easter. Find an assorted range of Easter gifts online that you can keep as prizes for the winners. Here are some of the activities that doubles up Easter fun for the kids:

  • Easter Egg Hunts: It is the most popular of the Easter games for kids. In this game kids have to search for painted hard boiled eggs, decorated hard boiled eggs, artificial eggs or egg-shaped candies and chocolates. The game is usually held outdoors and the kids need to collect in their baskets whatever they can find though the egg hunts. Prizes are given later on.
  • Easter Egg Rolls: It is another popular Easter game for the kids This is a game that is played with hard boiled eggs that are decorated in different styles. The hard boiled eggs need to be rolled. It can be a game or a race that is about the person whose egg remains unbroken is declared the winner. It is a very easy game but makes for a fun activity for the kids.
  • Decorate The Easter Eggs: To make Easter fun for the kids, you can chalk out a decorate the Easter eggs craft for them. For these white sheets of paper, stickers, crayons, jewels, markers etc. are needed. Stick a white sheet of paper to the ground, draw the outline of the Easter eggs. The kids need to decorate the eggs and you can make it a game like, the one who completes it first will receive a prize.
  • Hunting Letters From Easter Bunny: It is a tradition that is still observed among many Christians. People write letters from the Easter Bunny and give these to the kids. In the letter the Bunny writes about all the wonderful things that the children did and how good they have been. These sweet letters are a powerhouse of love and appreciation for the kids which helps them understand that goodness and values is always appreciated. You can hide these letters for the kids and make it like a letter hunt for them as they find the letters based on clues.
  • Making Easter Basket: Arrange for a fun art and craft session for the little ones with this popular activity game. Teach them to make a Easter basket with popsicle sticks and decorate the baskets or paint these like they want. You can set a timer for them, or can decide that whoever completes first, or whoever makes it best shall be the winner. You can some cute Easter gifts as prize for the kids.

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